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Capability + engagement in one digital platform.


create a Human Map?

Companies continue to struggle to understand and visualize their human capability and potential. Humanico solves that age old quandary by putting your humans front and centre in your Human Map.


is a Human Map?

In short, it’s a visual representation of ALL of your people - one that takes out the bias hierarchy, combining deep insights helping you to understand and optimize your greatest asset. Combining a leading global assessment tool providing insights into your people’s natural talent with our proprietary Motivation/Engagement (ME) Index that focuses on how your people feel about their role.


do I use my

Human Map?

Your Human Map has three component parts and is simple to navigate, allowing you to hone in on specific questions about your people through intuitive data cuts and correlations. Filter by any single or multiple data metric, search your map, build hypothetical teams, gain the insights you need to maximise your talent decisions in a single interactive digital framework.


A snapshot of your key data insights

Your human map

Digital, interactive representation of your people asset

Rich insight panels

Providing you with the key people information you need