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is human potential?

In our ever-changing world, humans have greater expectations to do meaningful work, access developmental opportunities and contribute to organisations that align with their values.

At Humanico, we believe companies are primarily responsible for creating structures, building culture and support for a more engaged workforce.

But a fundamental shift needs to happen first.

We need to stop focusing on weaknesses. And transfer the focus to a deeper understanding of the natural talents and inherent strengths people possess within our workplaces.


is unlocking human potential so important for businesses?

Quality Work

Individuals do their best work when they focus on what they’re naturally good at

Greater Engagement

Those who focus on their strengths are six times more likely to be engaged in their jobs

Higher Achievements

Employees achieve their best when given the opportunity to discover and develop their natural talents

Efficient Teams

Teams are more efficient when each member is playing to their strengths

Successful Leadership

Managers have more success when they know how to get the most from their team


do you unlock human potential?

Great question! It’s about providing opportunities. And helping your people achieve their true potential by:

Uncovering the individual talents and motivators of employees and leaders

Understand how your people feel about their role, not about leadership or company metrics

Help your people to understand themselves and to amplify their strengths

Combine deep insights into natural capabilities with employee sentiment that is directly linked to their role

Invest in all your people without the bias of hierarchy to create a culture of trust where your people can share freely and understand each other

Unlocking human potential with

Ultimately, you want to understand who’s in your ‘own backyard’ and optimise their strengths to ignite growth across your entire organisation.

Our process enables you to understand all of your people by combining human skills with our unique motivation and engagement index and your resulting human map, one that evolves as your people landscape evolves.

Our steps involve:




Participant Questionnaire

Strengths Assessment



Access Your Unique Human Map

Consulting and Recommendations


Benefits of using our solution:

Generate Human Map

After getting a clear picture of your existing ecosystem of human talent, our digital visualisation tool creates a Human Map

Data Visualisation

Filter your data by a myriad of data sets combining capability and engagement and interrogate based on your business requirements

Insights and Correlation

View your data through easy to understand and meaningful insight panels

Analysing Strengths

Understand the current talent/skill sets and gaps in your workplace to decide the best steps forward

Create Teams

Build hypothetical teams to see how your people work together and optimise your teams for success

Minimise Risk

Link your business strategy to your people strategy, identify risk and optimise your greatest asset

Are you ready to lead your organisation into the new era of human potential unlocked by (awesome) technological capabilities?