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Case study

High growth consulting company

Capability mapping, talent and risk


A fast growing consulting firm with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. Like many other SMEs, they had built their business organically based on gut feel and word of mouth, and were looking to lift their capability maturity from a people and culture perspective knowing they would double in size over the next 18 months.


The goal was to provide the organisation with a framework to understand their people both current and future; to provide a capability framework for the business currently operating on spreadsheets; to look closely at the Melbourne cohort relative to a perceived silo mentality; to ensure the company was equipped for a pandemic relative to their people.


We saw 100% participation from all employees, giving the company reliable data insights and a complete map to draw on.

  • The overall business was relatively evenly spread from a capability perspective, providing a strong foundation for growth and a framework to maximise future growth.
  • Surprisingly, the Melbourne cohort had one of the highest motivation/engagement (ME) indexes of the group. From a strengths perspective they were self solving and highly strategic but low on communication - this was a quick easy win and forward change path.
  • With low adaptability across the group this was a flag in relation to current and future impact and people risk surrounding the pandemic.
  • The leadership group had an equal balance across the four strength domains however this did highlight individual strengths and one significant impact point with one of the four executives carrying the weight of execution.

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